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The Box Scene Project Raises Over $40,000 for Charity and LGBT Equality

​Two weeks was all it took for Glee fans to raise over $40,000 for Young Storytellers Foundation, a Los Angeles-based charity increasing child literacy in underserved, inner city schools. YSF provided two autographed scripts of Glee's groundbreaking episode "The First Time." The episode depicted popular couple Kurt and Blaine losing their virginity to each other; a topic rarely breached on TV, let alone primetime. The initial goal was to raise $10,000. That goal was exceeded within hours! Ultimately over 1,200 fans and donors contributed from all around the world.

We believe the outpouring of generosity and support,

primarily from fans of Kurt and Blaine's influential

relationship, demonstrates audience support for equal representation of LGBT characters, actors and issues. Bill Thompson, Executive Director of Young Storytellers Foundation, spoke of the impact this effort will have. "This campaign will provide 160 students with the chance to see their stories come to life with the assistance of a Hollywood mentor." Thompson added, "This was a great opportunity for us to align ourselves with The Box Scene Project; an organization with an incredibly worthwhile mission."

 Acquiring and sharing the script furthered The Box Scene Project's mission to encourage LGBT and minority representation in the media.  We raised over $40,000, showing not only the generosity of fans, but also the enthusiastic support for equal representation of LGBT characters, actors and issues on television.

About Young Storytellers

The Young Storytellers Foundation develops literacy through the art of storytelling. Using group exercises and one-on-one mentoring, they provide underserved children in the public school system an opportunity to write stories and see them brought to life through performance. At the core of their programming are thousands of adult volunteers who donate their time to mentor individual students and perform their works on stage.

Mission: To inspire children to discover the power of their own voice.

Learn more at their website.

Exceeding Our Goal

Our initial goal of $10,000 was surpassed within hours of opening donations! We upped the ante to $20,000, then $25,000, and ultimately $35,000, but fans, especially those of Glee's Kurt and Blaine, kept exceeding our goal!

How It Happened

On October 19, 2011, Young Storytellers Foundation put on The Biggest Show, bringing in actors, including members of the GLEE cast, to act out stories written by public school children. After the show, Tarra, a friend and previous donor got a chance to chat with the Executive Director of YSF. She took that time to tell him about the work The Box Scene Project does for charity and for the GLEE fandom. The fandom is truly in her debt, because that conversation introduced YSF to TBSP. When YSF asked how they could be the beneficiaries of our work, we had three words for them: The First Time. 

They made it happen, and we are happy and grateful that we could show our thanks.